Unlock capital | Boost your sales | Protect your margins

Incentivize earlier payments by rewarding earlier payments.

Redeemable Incentives
Pending Incentives
Total Incentives

Pure, non-financed capital in just a few steps.


Connect your invoices effortlessly. We're integrated with QuickBooks and other popular accounting softwares.


The sooner your buyers pay, the larger their rewards. Our algorithms can automate and optimize your incentive offers.

Get Paid

Your buyers are only rewarded after they pay — in full. This accelerates your payments while protecting your margins.

Foster Growth

After you’re paid, we’ll charge your card for the reward value. Buyers redeem with us directly for cashback or invoice credits.

Dynamic Incentives

An evolution in growth capital

Afox has created a new way to access capital with dynamic incentives. Unlike traditional discounts, your margins stay protected. Unlike loans or lines of credit, there are no cumbersome requirements or covenants. And unlike invoice factoring, you won’t incur predatory interest charges. Instead, you unlock cash trapped in your receivables, while boosting your sales and customer loyalty along the way.

Rewarding the Best

The meaning of dynamism

The value of your buyer’s reward decreases each day until receipt of full payment. This presents a daily opportunity cost of postponing payment, and discourages slower pay methods like paper checks. With no sudden cutoff date, each day holds value. This results in a continuous motivation to pay as early as possible, with the speediest buyers earning the greatest rewards.

Financial Integration

Afox is easily layered onto existing financing arrangements

Dynamic incentives can replace traditional financing like invoice factoring. They can also integrate with such products as a way to reduce your fees. It's seamless — you won’t even need to notify your financing partner. When you incentivize your buyers to pay earlier (at a rate far less expensive than, say, factoring), your financing becomes much shorter and much less expensive.

Think of it like this:

You're taking the fees you’d normally send to your financing partner, decreasing them significantly, and giving them to your buyer instead.

The incentive value goes to your buyer.

The transaction fee goes to Afox.


You only pay when it works

After you receive full payment, we charge your credit card for the final value of the incentive, plus a 10% transaction fee. Because the final value decreases each day, your cost is tied to the effectiveness of the incentive. If your buyer doesn’t pay any earlier, then you bear no cost. When the daily incentive decrease is lower than your financing costs, it is physically impossible not to save money.

The incentive value goes to your buyer. The transaction fee goes to Afox.

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